Sea Witch

Ursula Outfit

“They call them cecaelias – half human and half octopus. She lives in the depths of the ocean, in her cavern, brewing potions and sitting on her sea glass throne.”

Ursula Headpiece

Ursula Purse

Dress Ruffle Closeup


Dress: La Rok Luxe | Heels: T.J.Maxx | Purse: T.J.Maxx | 
Flower Headpieces: FairyFlux | Pearl Necklace: eBay

If Ursula was a NYC party type of girl, she would definitely be wearing this. You don’t have to wear the headpieces as a pair unless you want to! It all depends on your preference. Vampy lips and purple/black polish would bring more drama!

You can purchase the handmade headpiece in my store. I’m thinking about doing more Disney inspired outfit posts. Who else would you like to see?



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