Ours is the Fury

Baratheon headpiece

I’m proud to announce this Game of Thrones project I started planning since last year. 4 different headpieces will be presented for each of the noble houses: Baratheon, Stark, Targaryen and Lannister.

Baratheon stag closeup

Baratheon backBaratheon headpiece closeup

This Baratheon headpiece features antlers since their house animal is the stag. For more grandeur, the golden deer symbol sits in the center of the headpiece. Cream flowers and leaves are used for a more organic feeling. They give the headpiece a softer look while the antler shapes keep the piece looking strong.

Once all pieces are finished, I will do a full photoshoot for the four looks. Starks will be next! Keep an eye out for the next release of this Game of Thrones project.



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