Style Spotlight: Kumamiki

Kumamiki Collage

Today’s Style Spotlight: Kumamiki, the Japanese designer of the indie brand, Party Baby is known for her pastel outfits and kawaii accessories.

Kumamiki-Pink-Hair-Harajuku-2013-03-23-DSC3030-600x900 Kumamiki-Pink-Hair-Harajuku-2013-03-23-DSC3040-600x400 TK-2012-04-29-012-001-Harajuku-600x899 TK-2012-04-29-012-003-Harajuku TK-2012-04-29-012-004-Harajuku-600x900 TK-2012-08-05-011-003-Harajuku-600x900 TK-2012-08-05-011-004-Harajuku-600x900 TK-2012-08-05-011-005-Harajuku-600x399 TK-2012-08-05-011-007-Harajuku-600x400 TK-2012-08-05-011-009-Harajuku

If you are looking for cute and girly fashion inspiration, Kumamiki is the quintessential pastel princess. Her outfits and fashion line have appeared in various fashion magazines, blogs and videos. filmed a mini-documentary featuring Kumamiki in her colorful world. From watching her style develop for over a year, her color palette and childlike sense of whimsy┬áremain the same. She takes a little bit of inspiration from Sweet Lolita, Fairy-Kei and Decora styles, making her style easy to relate to, no matter what subculture you’re into.

Blog | Instagram | Image Source: TokyoFashion | Outfit Links: X X X

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