599 Fashion [Review]

599Fashion Stripe Blouse

Never judge a piece of clothing by the brand name. 599 Fashion reached out to me to review some items and here are my initial thoughts.

Striped blouse Striped blouse button

This chiffon top looks like something Red Card Katarina would wear. Note that this top has no front buttons, so the fit might be an issue for some people.

Chiffon skull top Chiffon skull top closeup

The skeleton print on this top is super cute. The bottom of the top might be a bit asymmetrical – I’m guessing it’s a manufacturing issue but not super noticeable.

Tribal crop top

The crop top is the only piece that is made in the US. The fit is more loose and boxy. Fabric feels like a thicker cotton material.

Cross tank Cross tank closeup

Thin material on the front with sheer material in the back of this high low tank. Please note, the crystals are very delicate.  I would style this with a cage top or black lace bra.

Floral off the shoulder dress

Floral dress closeup

On the website, this dress wasn’t so bright. The green is really neon so beware. Putting a leather jacket over this gives a punky vibe and evens out the brightness. However the fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable!



  • Quality of items are better than expected
  • Soft fabric and clean stitching
  • Inexpensive
  • Free returns/exchanges
  • Ships from the US


  • Popular items tend to run out of stock
  • Website navigation can get a bit messy
  • Hard to judge quality from photos sometimes

Final comments: If you are looking for inexpensive items, this could be a potential place to browse around. The fast turnover on items can be a double edge sword so keep that in mind. Sometimes the photos can look a bit dodgy but if you look hard, there are some gems. My advice is to look for simple cuts and colors! [fabric like chiffon and cotton are hard to mess up] In my opinion, the quality is similar to Forever 21 and some of H&M (think their Basics collection).

All my tops were size (S) Small. More outfit posts with these pieces combined with my regular wardrobe will be coming soon. Their website can be found at http://www.599fashion.com.

FTC: I was sent these items but received no monetary compensation for my review. These opinions and photos are my own.



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