Master Wrapper

Black and white gift wrap

Wrapping gifts has become my trademark…and it’s all thanks to Pinterest.

B&W gift wrap Black and white gift

It took me forever to find solid black black wrapping paper. When I saw it at Walmart, I snagged it right away. Best part is that it’s reversible! The black and white pattern you see is printed the other side. I created a “name plate” and added a black silk ribbon for finishing touches.

Luggage wrapping gift idea

This luggage inspired gift wrap is perfect for anyone who experiences constant feelings of wanderlust. The silver paper was from Dollar Tree. It was used as a last minute decision because I ran out of the white map wrapping paper you see above (acting as straps on the luggage). The map paper is from T.J. Maxx. I used heavy brown cardstock for the handle base and tag.

You can easily personalize this by finding vintage luggage stickers from different countries. All the stickers are printed on regular printer paper but you can laminate them for extra fanciness (or even seal with Modge Podge).

[Sorry for the low quality picture!]

Monster wrapping paperMonster gift wrapping idea Monster closeup gift

Can you guess the orange and teal paper is from Dollar Tree? The key to monster themed gift wrapping is to look for bright colors and add bold cartoonish details. The mouth, eyes and horns are made from construction paper. You can also use cardstock or even craft foam for different effects.

The only thing I wish I changed was the color of the horns. Perhaps another (slightly darker) shade of the orange and teal would have complimented the body more.

I buy my wrapping paper from everywhere, including Target, Walmart and even Dollar Tree. The trick for inexpensive paper (that looks expensive) is to look for solid colors and simplistic designs. Find a theme and stick with it! If you want a nautical theme, look for navy, gold and stripe motifs.  Top it off with an anchor gift tag or fish patterned ribbon. There are so many inspirational ideas, especially on Pinterest!

Every gift wrapping kit needs…

  • Solid wrapping paper
  • Pattern wrapping paper (stripes, swirls, etc.)
  • Silk ribbon in different widths
  • Cardstock (to make tags and details)

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