Beauty Marks

Beauty marks

Temporary tats have come a long way from your single sheet kiddie tattoos.

Beauty marks Mr Kate stickers Mr Kate beauty mark  Beauty mark sheet 1 Beauty mark sheetMr Kate note

I stumbled upon Mr. Kate when I was looking for more affordable metallic tattoos. Minutes later, I was the proud owner of a three pack of tattoos (in silver, gold and black) called Beauty Marks. The metallic ones show up well on light and dark skin tones. These last a lot longer than your childhood temporary tattoos!

When the creator of Mr. Kate announced she was publishing a one part D.I.Y. and one part memoir book, my interest skyrocketed. These limited edition “Beauty Marks” are hand-drawn temporary tattoos that are a free gift if you pre-order her book, A Hot Glue Gun Mess.

Summer cannot come soon enough! My favorite way to rock these is to have them peek out from underneath a crop top or sleeve.

FTC: I’m not affiliated with Mr. Kate or her publishing company. All images and opinions are my own!



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