Tiffany Blue

Tiffany & Co

My first piece of Tiffany jewelry!

Tiffany's boxTiffany necklaceTiffany dust bagNecklace closeupTiffany envelope

I always promised myself that my first Tiffany’s jewelry would be from myself, instead of a boy or family member. This one is the “Return To Tiffany” mini heart tag pendant. It’s a dainty (more elegant) version of the old school Tiffany heart necklaces back in the day. Does anyone remember those? I could never afford one but now that I’m older, I can get one!

This piece was bought online with another gift (to save on shipping >.>). If you order from Tiffany’s online, they will give you the pretty blue boxes, too! The dustbag is a great plus as well. There is also a pickup in store option, like most places nowadays. A tiny blank note card and envelope are included for your gifting needs. The paper quality is great, plus there’s embossing…I’m a sucker for details like that.

Necklace: Tiffany & Co


One thought on “Tiffany Blue

  1. Its too cute and very beautiful~ Dainty for sure, but so feminine and elegant. ;D Its always a plus when you really love something and aspire to get it for yourself rather than depending on others. //nodding. I like that you choose to spoil yourself in this way. Haha. Some woman (like myself) wouldn’t feel comfortable buying such beautiful items for themselves thinking its TOO selfish, or this person really loves me if they buy this for me~ its great to see people break out of that mindset! //cheers.

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