Food Snaps: Peach Pasta & Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed avocado

Snapshots of a relaxing weekend.

PastaPeaches  Pasta Cranberry orange sprite

Breakfast in bed

My boyfriend made all this food for me during our lazy weekend in. ❤ The pasta dish is actually Grilled Chinese Five Spice Peaches from Thug Kitchen. When we were in the supermarket, we couldn’t find Five Chinese Spice, so we substituted it with cinnamon and pepper. The end result was still delicious!

Cranberry, orange juice and sprite punch was our drink of choice that night. The ice plays an important part in keeping the colors separated, but we messed up and got this sunset gradient effect.

The breakfast in bed was a surprise from the boyfriend. He woke up early (like always) to cook me baked eggs in avocado and toast. This was fucking amazing! You can find the recipe here. All avocado fans will love this for breakfast, plus it’s pretty filling. I ate 2 more pieces of toast though.



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