Pokemon Gijinka Cosplay Tips

Transform Pokemon into beautiful costume concepts.


Pokemon gijinka costumes are nothing new. It’s a great place to start for anyone, from beginners to advanced artisans because you can customize the costume to your skill level. Utilize your best skills to create something great. Your options are limitless plus you can tailor the costume to your body type/clothing preferences.

Espeon #cosplay progress #gijinka #pokemon

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While creating my Espeon cosplay, I’ve come up with some tips and tricks for gijinka costumes!

  • Search Tumblr or forums for gijinka fanart if you need ideas!
  • Mix and match elements from existing costumes or designs you like.
  • Keep a Pinterest board of inspiration pictures.
  • Make a note of your Pokemon’s key features and highlight them. (Pikachu’s cheeks, Butterfree’s wing design)
  • Colors matter. Do your best to be spot on with your fabric choices.
  • Don’t be afraid to embellish! Just keep the details in character (cute Pokemon = bows and frills)
  • Is sewing hard? Get creative during your next shopping trip to see if you can reconstruct existing clothes.

Uniqlo bra

Uniqlo had the perfect shade of purple for my Espeon costume! Check stores with colorful selections like Uniqlo, Forever 21 or even Express for basics. Discount Dance has a great range of leotards and performance wear.

Think about your Pokemon’s type and personality. Water type Pokemon will sport shiny and fish scale-like material, while flying Pokemon might benefit from light flowing fabrics. Tough Pokemon costumes can feature armor. Cute Pokemon (like Chansey and Clefairy) would look adorable in poufy dresses!

Gijinka costumes allow you to express your creativity and doesn’t have any restrictions. It can be very freeing to design your very own costume. I highly encourage you to try if you haven’t yet!



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