Painting with Watercolors

Watercolor overview

Painting with watercolors to soothe my soul.

Watercolor paintsFloral Skull watercolorWatercolor paintings

I’m one of the first people who will admit that watercolors intimidate me. The idea of a medium I have very little control over (compared to traditional painting) is kind of daunting.

I almost exclaimed in delight when I realized how much fun watercolor is! If you go in with no expectation of the end result, you’ll find yourself creating beautiful things. I ended up using the watercolor paints that come in a tube and basic watercolor paper.  To make your watercolor creations look professional, use masking or painter’s tape to block off the edges to create a border.

Suggested Supplies:

  • Watercolor paint (tube or pan)
  • Watercolor paper (anything else may be too thin!)
  • Brushes (at least 2x, one for – and  another for details)
  • Water
  • Painter’s tape or masking tape *optional
  • Exacto knife *optional (if you want to cut your paper down to size)

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