Tips for Staying Inspired and Unleashing Your Creative Soul


In a world full of mediocrity, staying creative can be a challenge.

The world is full of people who complain that ideas are hard to come by. I have a sketchbook with ideas and random musings that I keep close. Whenever I have a good idea day, I fill that book up with everything that comes into my mind. The “dumb” ideas are there with the good ones – I don’t hesitate to write anything down. Staying creative is very hard, especially if your job demands it (or even if it doesn’t demand it at all).

  • Go outside. Even sitting 10 minutes in the park or your garden can reset your mind.
  • Learn a new skill (or recipe, stitch, etc.).
  • Watch YouTube videos to get inspired and motivated. (examples: calligraphy, sewing, painting, etc.) I also love using Instagram and Tumblr for inspiration.
  • Play something, whether it’s a videogame, mobile game or board game!
  • Talk to different people. Sometimes the best ideas come from casual/silly  conversations.
  • Go the library to borrow some books in whatever you’re interested in.
  • Watch documentaries or video shorts on entrepreneur stories. Personally, I love hearing about other people’s journeys and most of the time, there are interesting stories out there.
  •  Is there a different method for drawing you haven’t tried yet? Do something out of your routine. Trying something different can teach you so much.
  • Create something without the pressure of “creating something great”. Play with some watercolors. Bust out your coloring book. Make the ugliest polymer figure you can. Don’t be afraid to be messy or wild.
  • Buy something that will make you want to be creative. How about a new bolt of fabric? Markers? Cardstock? [But also be careful of hoarding, a common habit.]

My general advice for staying creative is to never doubt your mind. Let your ideas (the good and bad) pour in. Document everything. Observe your surroundings and world carefully. You might be looking at your next project or solution in the face, and not even know it.

The most creative people can turn a so-so idea into gold! You never know what grand things will spark from a simple idea.



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