Espeon (Bellydancer Ver) Gijinka


Current occupation: Bellydancer





I used purple chiffon for the top. Imagine two sewn rectangle loops, layered on top of each other. The base underwear is from Uniqlo.


The pants were also made out of the same chiffon. I looked on Pinterest and found images of bellydancer pants. The basic pattern is derived from harem pants. There is elastic at the waist and ankles.


Espeon’s ears are made from two layers of craft foam glued to a headband. In the future, I would’ve covered up the black fabric of the band.


The gold belt is made from a decorative trim. The same trim is used for the arm band that fastens with velcro. Bib necklace is from Macy’s. The headpiece is hand-beaded by me. I used a combination of filigree pieces and gold chain. Middle gem was painted red with nailpolish.

Overall, I’m happy with the costume! I plan to have another photoshoot for this costume because I’m mad the black bra straps are showing. Plus I would love to layer on more bracelets and adornments to emphasize the bellydancer look.



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