My NYFW Experience + Tips For Attending Your First Show


I had the privilege of going to the Vivienne Tam Spring/Summer 2016 show for NYFW 2015. Here’s what happened.

A lovely PR friend got me two invites to NYFW. The Vivienne Tam show was on Monday, September 14th (a day before my birthday). I was stoked because I featured her on my list of influential Asians in the fashion industry. It was also my first time attending a fashion show as a guest. My previous experience was working backstage for Edwing D’ Angelo.



The venue was the Moynihan Station (The Arc). I arrived at 6:30pm and the front was crowded with tons of people dressed to the nines. There were several bloggers taking posed photos and selfies with each other.


Once guests showed their invitations to the guards, you had to wait on the side until they let you pass. Group by group, they led us in to check-in. We had to scan our tickets and they printed out a seating assignment for you.



You could feel the energy and excitement in the room. My seat was in the 5th row in section B (right in the middle). About 10 minutes before the show started, staffers came by and told us we could move up a row, so I ended up sitting in the 4th row which was pretty close! The show started about 25 minutes later than the 7pm start time.

While you’re finding your seat and waiting for the show to start, the “front rowers” start to filter in. This is when press and other various people jump out with their cameras. Posing, interviews and whispered conversations will happen during this time. The amount of flashes and crowding is a bit overwhelming. But once the music grows louder and lights go down, everyone goes to their seat and waits for the show to start.

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attends Vivienne Tam Spring 2016 during New York Fashion Week: The Shows during  at The Arc, Skylight at Moynihan Station on September 14, 2015 in New York City.

Tian Hai Rong was also there too. She was literally 3 rows in front of me and was always surrounded by cameras. Her outfit choice was outstanding. Those bejeweled headphones are me.

My Tips For Attending Your First Fashion Show:

  • Bring your camera. If you have a DSLR, bring it! Everyone else will be using their cellphones but there will be significant glare on your screen, especially when trying to capture the models. I believe the closer you sit to the runway, the less glare you’ll have.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear the outfit you want. There will be a sea of people wearing black but if you want to wear red, do it! I spotted a blogger rocking a beautiful white and black floral dress that caused her to be stopped by photographers. If your outfit looks gorgeous, no one will care if you’re a budding fashion blogger or senior editor.
  • Look confident if you want your pic taken. There will be a ton of photographers lingering outside, snapping pictures. They’re going to be there before and after the show.
  • Let the crowd thin out. If you want a picture of yourself sitting down or on the runway, wait until the majority of the audience clears out (which is pretty fast anyway). Then you’ll have a short amount of time to snap a selfie or whatever.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are always staffers around to answer your questions or to guide you to your seat. They’re usually wearing all black, clutching a clipboard/iPad or have a badge (in my case, all of the above).
  • Don’t let your seat determine your mood. The people sitting in the back are probably having the most fun anyway. Sitting in the 4th row allowed me to have great views of the clothes but not be bombarded by the press/cameras in the front row.

By the end of the night, all I wanted to do was kick off my heels and tear my fake eyelashes off. It was an experience I was truly grateful for – I wished I snapped my NYFW outfit though. Seeing Vivienne Tam’s clothing in person was a dream. Two of my favorite outfits were the jacket and dress.



I can cross this off my bucket list (yes!) and I hope to be invited to more fashion events in the future. Til next time!





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