Demon Hunter: The Planning


“Those who call themselves demon hunters are not a people or a nation. They owe allegiance to no king.”

I’ve decided on a Halloween costume, demon hunter from Diablo 3. It took forever to convince me to choose since I did not want to wear a bulky costume at work. There’s going to be a huge costume contest, hosted by my company and I have to live up to my “cosplay reputation”.

2015-10-14 21.08.26

This is a race against time…same as all of my costume projects. Luckily I have most of the supplies.


Got my fabric already! The two blacks are going to make up the hood/cape plus lining. The red is for the face cover/mask. As for the armor, I have a mixture of thin and thick foam. Plus I have Worbla for backup!



This weekend I will be working on the hood, cape and patterning of the armor. Hopefully next week I’ll have some progress pics for you!

Next: Part 2 – Sewing & Patterning 

Part 3 – Construction and Painting

Part 4 – The Grand Finale



4 thoughts on “Demon Hunter: The Planning

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