Demon Hunter: Sewing & Patterning


Progress pictures are here! 9 days until the office Halloween party.

IMG_9569 IMG_9572

The hood is fully lined with black cotton on the inside. I had to rework the hood so many times because it was too big in the back. The ends aren’t finished yet but I will hem it up when I’m done.

IMG_9573 IMG_9574

Snap buttons will be used on the face mask. The corset will have the hook and eye closures sewn on the front.

IMG_9540 IMG_9541 IMG_9543 IMG_9545 IMG_9546 IMG_9547

It’s my first time using Worbla to make armor. For most of the pieces, I’m just layering two sheets of the thermoplastic material. A jumbo sized sheet was barely enough for all of my armor and details.

When I didn’t have enough Worbla, I used craft foam as a base and wrapped the material around it. A ton of my pieces are uneven but will be evened out later. Patterning everything took about a day and was a pain in the butt.

I’ve been slaving away working on this costume for the whole weekend. Got most of the cloth parts done already. The armor will take the longest time (detailing, priming and painting. Next week, I should have more sculpting and paint detail!

Next: Part 3 – Construction and Painting

Part 4 – The Grand Finale

Previous: Part 1 – Planning 


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