Demon Hunter: The Grand Finale


The reveal!

You can see the full article here (picture heavy). While I didn’t win, I did place in the top 10!

Overall I’m really happy since this costume was a rush job that was completed in two weeks. Excited to fix up this costume for a future con so I can get some epic photos. Since I had to rush, the corset part did not end up being finished. I would also love to get some white contacts for the true Demon Hunter effect!

Things I learned about Worbla:

  • It’s expensive AF but totally worth the money. I wouldn’t have been able to finish this costume if I used regular EVA foam. Non-toxic fumes ftw.
  • Securing and attaching Worbla is something that takes a lot of trial and error. Better to have extra security, especially in the areas that will receive lots of tension – I used a ton of Worbla strips, velcro and D-rings.
  • I was still able to use the heat gun to form some parts after it was spray painted.
  • Worbla and craft foam sandwiches are really the way to go. You’ll get double the strength.
  • Some of my spray painting job rubbed off in one area where the pauldron and breastplate had direct contact. I wonder how layers of acrylic paint would have held up.

I’m really happy with my first problem with Worbla. Stay tuned for more armor projects in the future!

Part 3 – Construction & Painting 

Part 2 – Sewing & Patterning 

Part 1 – Planning 


3 thoughts on “Demon Hunter: The Grand Finale

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