Costume List


Getting ready for the new cosplay season (ahead of time).

I’m probably on the head council of procrastination but soon things will hopefully change. By early next year, I plan to move out into an apartment of my own which I will turn into my sewing/cosplay lair. Here’s to tutorials/progress posts!

There are some costumes I’ve bought everything for,¬†but now is the time to finish them! I’m sure this list will change but it helps to spell everything out.


naga sakizou pop_star_ahri___league_of_legends_by_michellehoefener-d7vgtuo

Epic & Badass

  • World of Warcraft¬†armor (not determined yet)
  • Popstar Ahri
  • Naga by Sakizou

81oQnx4jasL._SL1500_ 78702


  • Momohime from Demon Blade
  • Super Sonico cheerleader


Everything else



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