Wax Seal Tutorial


I saw this wax sealing kit on sale for $7 at Flying Tiger. Instant buy (with no regrets).

This isn’t really an in-depth tutorial since it should be fairly simple. But I’m going to include my tips and observations.


The kit comes with a gold and red candle, plus the fleur-de-lis seal.


Let’s start sealing! I have a regular envelope ready to go.


I ended up using my stove-top as my fire source but any lighter will also work. [Safety note: I had a cup of water and wet sink nearby!] When the sealing candle is initially lit, it takes a while for the wax to melt. But in the photos, it was my second time lighting it up.

As you can tell, I accidentally left a droplet in the wrong place! It melts a lot faster after the first time. Luckily the wax drops at a fairly steady pace so you have control.

IMG_0485You have to create a shape that’s larger than your seal size. I usually try to create a circle shape but if it’s oblong, just make sure it’s big enough. The extra wax will create the border of the wax seal. IMG_0487

There are rogue droplets because I was trying to take pictures and melt the wax at the same time (not recommended). Scraping them off only made it worse because of the residue.

Grab your seal and firmly push it into your wax blob. I don’t lift it up until the wax on the side looks solid. You can test out the consistency by wiggling the seal to see if it’ll release.



Simple as that! I’ve seen similar sets at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. This is such a cute way to seal envelopes and will definitely make your cards/letters fancier.



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