Watercolor Galaxy Tutorial


The best part about painting galaxies is that you’re allowed to be messy.

IMG_0624Watercolors are one of the most intimidating types of paint because you have no control, since water will go wherever it wants to. However if you go with the flow, your end result will be satisfying.


You’ll need:

  • Watercolor paper (I’m using a practice kind)
  • Watercolor paint (tube or solid palette is fine, I’m using Reeves set)
  • Various sizes of paintbrushes
  • Cup of water
  • Paint palette -OR- scrap piece of watercolor/palette paper to mix your colors

IMG_0561.JPGYou can start off by choosing what colors you want in your galaxy. For this particular set, I’m using a mixture of blue, purple and teal. Set aside your black and white tubes for later.

IMG_0581First step is to place your colors in your palette. I usually squeeze out a tiny bit and then gradually add drops of water from my brush. You can create many colors from one tube by adjusting how much water you mix in. The more water you use, the lighter and more transparent the color becomes.

If your paint doesn’t come in a tube, you can skip this step. 

IMG_0569Start painting in the general shape you desire. No need to be perfect with your shape since we’re going to trim it down.


The best thing to do is vary the intensity of your colors to create depth. Play with different amounts of water mixed with your paint. IMG_0572While painting, you can let your colors blend into each other naturally. They can touch and overlap in this project, so don’t freak out if your colors start mixing.

IMG_0576Continue painting until your shape is completed. Don’t worry if it looks ~ugly AF~ because it’ll look better later, I promise.

IMG_0583Grab your black paint and mix it with some water. We don’t want it to be too opaque or too transparent. For this step, I would recommend using a larger brush to avoid streak marks.


Paint over everything with your watered down black paint. If you don’t wait until your paint is fully dry, you’ll experience the paint moving a bit (see above).


Go in and add more paint to certain parts. The white spot in the center is from dropping a bit of water and swirling it around.


It’s time to take out your white paint because we’re going to create the stars! Mix the white paint with a good amount of water. Then hover your brush over the paper and tap on the handle for a splatter effect.


This is the end result! Just tap more if you want more stars. Some dots will fade while others will stay opaque. This is essential to create a sense of depth. If you want the dots to fade, you can blot a napkin to soak up some of the paint.


Here are some earlier takes of this method (bottom two). The circle on the left does not have the secondary layer of colors (after the black layer) like I described in this tutorial.


You can cut out your shape and do whatever you want with it. Some ideas include bookmarks, gift tags and card embellishments! I would also recommend adding clear rhinestones or glitter for a hint of sparkle.



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