Pin This


Who knew making pins would be so freakin’ addicting?


I received this pin/button maker as a gift and finally got around to using it. While it’s not the best one on the market, it gets the job done. This will be a mini-tutorial on how to use this particular one.


You’ll need a color printout of your artwork. My machine makes 1.25″ buttons so I found this template online. I used Illustrator to make all of the designs minus the photo ones. I used a scissor to cut out my designs.


The kit came with all the supplies I needed. There is a metal backing piece that you need to drop into the left circular holder.


After dropping the metal piece, we place the design and then a clear plastic that came in the kit. From bottom to top: metal backing, paper design, clear plastic. When I first got this machine, the calibration was a bit off so I had to adjust the way I put my design (in order for it to be straight). You can see the black mark I made that keeps my pin designs aligned correctly.


I pull the handle down to push all the layers together. The instruction manual says there should be a slight gap between the two silver pieces. I usually hold this position for a couple of seconds to make sure everything is fused together.


Now it’s time to turn our attention to the right side. We take the plastic pin back and place it in the cylinder. Make sure your pin is placed evenly. Push the whole piece to the left and pull the handle down.


This time the two metal pieces shouldn’t have a gap. I hold the handle down longer than the other side because if you don’t, your pin could get messed up. Counting from 40-50 seconds is good.


You’re done! Making pins may be tedious but is very rewarding. I’m looking to have a bunch of unique designs up in my brand new Etsy shop! IMG_1215IMG_1244


5 thoughts on “Pin This

  1. I love pins! I buy them on yard sales, it’s much cheaper. However I don’t use messages such as “f** you” coz I don’t wanna seem rude besides looking weird. LOL



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