Faux Marble Tray Tutorial


Faux fur, faux flowers and faux marble are certainly not faux pas.


You’ll need:



  1. Trace your tray on the back of the contact paper. Most rolls should have a grid to help you keep your lines straight.



2. Cut it out! The paper will probably be trying to roll itself back up so I used paperweights to keep it steady while cutting.


3. Place the piece into your tray. Since we traced the outer lip, the paper will be a little bit bigger, but that’s good because we can cut it down to the perfect size. I’m using my nails to create a crease to show me where to cut.

4. Do the same to the horizontal side and trim down to size.


5. Prep your tray for the contact paper by cleaning it with a damp paper towel. Slide the piece into your tray to make sure it fits. Start to peel off the sticky backing.


6. Start peeling the backing off but keep your hand firm on the tray when you’re unveiling it. Keep pulling slowly until you get all of the paper onto the tray. Using your hand to steady the paper will prevent air bubbles.

If you have air bubbles, use your fingers to press them away or stick a pin to pop them. When using a pin, prick areas where there’s already grey marks to disguise the holes as much as possible.


Before and after!

Trays are a great way to organize your surfaces and they look so good. This DIY was super affordable. In total I spent less than $18 to make this! To add more uniqueness, combine different color trays and contact paper patterns. You can also add some gold foiling to the edges of the tray for more luxury.

Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! More to come very soon.





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