Get Your Shit Together


Organization is the best stress reliever.


Before: Makeup sits in small bags inside a gift bag. IMG_1436

After: Makeup sits prettily in a clear cosmetic organizer. IMG_1446


I’ve been searching for an affordable cosmetic organizer for the longest time and this one from Amazon fit the bill. My makeup collection is way bigger than this so I’m going to buy more. This one will serve as my holy grail/daily makeup that I reach for.

The bottom two drawers fit a big palette (like Urban Decay’s Naked) plus various smaller. Each drawer is lined with a loose mesh foam-like material.


Before: Various documents and manuals were tossed in my shelves.

After: All my papers can be found in one convenient place.

I grabbed this zipper pouch to hold my documents instead of a regular folder. The plastic material is strong and holds everything nicely. The Container Store sells this in different sizes and states that it’s “virtually indestructible”. I have the letter sized pouch which measures 10-3/4″ x 14″.


Before: Clothes have nowhere to go except the cardboard box they called home. IMG_1465

After: My closet is less cluttered with my organizer that has 3 tiers!

This was another purchase from Amazon. The shelves are basically cloth so they can’t hold super heavy stuff but my pants and skirts live harmoniously. The bottom cloth drawers are removable and can be relocated anywhere. My socks and underwear reside in these two.

My new apartment has all the essential pieces of furniture but my organization game is waiting to be upgrade. Seeing all my stuff in their proper places makes me feel at ease. More to come!



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