My Skincare Routine


Here’s to better skin this year.


These are some weird ass sheet masks I found at H-Mart on sale. The last one, Syn-Ake is a chemical that replicates the venom of the Malaysian Temple Viper. Should I be scared? I’m more intrigued actually, weird beauty products are so interesting.


I rotate cleaners because my skin wants different things at different times. One is a scrub for when pimples pop up and the Lancome foaming cleanser is a light one for mornings.


I’m actually not in love with my moisturizers at the moment but once these run out, I’ll be in the market to buy!


I’ve been using these oil based makeup removers which get the job done but I would prefer something that’s less greasy feeling. After this runs out, I’m going to try the Banila Clean It Zero!


When I first opened this, I was laughing because this face mask seriously looks gross. However it’s really good for exfoliation and smells fine.


This Missha essence has become Holy Grail (HG) status for me! It goes after cleansing and before moisturizer. My skin has been noticeably softer and more even. Not pictured but I also use Burt’s Bees eyecream which I love!

I’ve been investing more into my skincare routine since I’m getting ~older~. The 10-step Korean skincare method is actually a lot more flexible than it sounds. I’m taking baby steps, serums are my next section to try!

Real life update! I finally have a nice table in my new place. This means more crafting and DIY tutorials. The next step is to drag all my supplies from my house to my apartment! 



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