Art Nouveau Snow White: Sewing


Sewing has taken over my life.


Closeup of the bodice detail that I hand sewed on. It isn’t accurate to the artwork but still looks nice in my opinion. IMG_2071IMG_2073

Let me tell you, dying fabric is such a bitch. I ended up scrapping this part. The orange dye messed me up so bad, so I had to buy an emergency chiffon skirt. I’m sad that the skirt isn’t finished but I plan to make a brand new skirt with the glitter floral detail. IMG_2076

Sewing zippers isn’t that hard. You just have to work slowly and carefully!


The ruffle was made of lining fabric that was gathered and sewn on by hand. I find that sewing by hand gives you more control, especially if you have delicate details/fabric. IMG_2078

Here are the pearl strands I hand beaded. To create contrast, I used 6mm pearls with a clear seed bead in between each bead. Jewelry wire was used as the base to keep it flexible.



I want to find a prettier way to make these sleeves! But for now, this glitter organza will have to do. If you’re playing with weird shapes, use paper to make mockups to see if it’ll work.


That’s all for now! The convention is this Saturday. Hopefully by next week I’ll have photos of the finished costume. More beading and detail work is waiting for me. See you next week!



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