Art Nouveau Snow White: The Grand Finale


Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?


My sleeves turned out better than I hoped. This shape is SO hard to get in real life (without making the fabric opaque). I hope to finish the edges of the blue sparkle fabric and add more gems to the bottom band. These sleeves utilize a snap button closure.IMG_2089IMG_2091

I hate hate that collar, hence the raw edges. I had to be sewn into the collar because it was too loose. In the future, I plan to rip out the collar and then attach a velcro fastening instead. IMG_2093

This was also my first time sewing an invisible zipper and it was pretty painless! They look a lot more professional than regular zippers, especially on dresses. My only tips are to work slowly and use a zipper foot. IMG_2087IMG_2096

Many of the other Art Nouveau Snow White cosplayers didn’t have a hand chain. The big strands are from Forever 21. I hand beaded the hand chain and used gold jump rings to attach it to the pearl strands. The draped sleeves are also sewn to an elastic on these bracelets.IMG_2099

On the left is my chiffon skirt I ordered from Amazon, after my fabric dying incident (aka the dye didn’t like the fabric). The skirt on the right is my lining skirt I made earlier, that I was able to wear underneath this chiffon skirt! I want to add glitter floral details on the bottom of the yellow chiffon.



That’s it! I’m really happy with my costume. This costume had so much hand sewing and beading elements, I’m glad I finished in time. It’s a good beginning and it can only look better when I add more embellishments.


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