New York in December

Saks Fifth Fairytale

When I think of Christmas, I picture walking into Macy’s in New York. Every year I make a journey into the city, just to view the store windows. Generally Saks 5th Avenue has been a personal favorite of mine and they did not disappoint!

Saks Cinderella Saks Cinderella Saks glass slipperSaks rumpleSaks wolfLord & Taylor CardinalsLord & Taylor Heritage Room Lord & Taylor mice Lord & Taylor CardinalsSaks 5th boudior Rockette costume Starbucks

Strolling down 5th Avenue with a Starbucks drink in hand, is a tradition I started with my friends in college. We would push through the crowds to get the best views of the store windows. Store fronts are decorated with elaborate displays that feature designer gowns, interactive displays and moving parts. Children with their noses pressed up to the glass and faint sounds of bells jingling on the streets, it certainly is the most wonderful time of the year.



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